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Outline of training provided for clients.

As well as individually with schools across Europe we also deliver training for several well established companies.

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Espresso and Clipbank

Espresso and their sister company, Clipbank, are everything we love about ICT in schools!

The company is committed to ongoing teacher support, believing that training and awareness sessions (that are usually part of the subscription) can really help teachers to engage with the service – however simple the technology and resources are, teachers still need focussed time to learn and think about how to use them. We are proud to part of a team where “98.7% of participants recommend our training!”

Since 2004 our role as part of their training team has been to help teachers learn how those services “can impact pupil engagement and enhance teachers' use of digital resources to extend and excite learning”.

We go into schools and lead INSET training for staff on how to use the content across the curriculum. This might be an introductory session for schools newly subscribing to the service but could also be more detailed or in-depth sessions for those schools who have been subscribing for a while and who want to investigate how to use the resources for a particular subject or with a targeted group such as reluctant writers or EAL pupils.

More recently, as the content in both services has moved on, and teachers are becoming more skilled, this has developed into some really interesting training sessions, focusing on for example, using espresso or Clipbank with interactive whiteboard software or editing digital video, or creating podcasts. These last two have been done with teachers and with pupils, with one of our trainers even appearing in 2 of espresso’s news reports and CPD videos when she was working with some Key Stage one pupils on a digital video project.

Training is usually delivered to the school teaching staff as a whole in primary schools, and departmentally in secondary schools, sometimes with the inclusion of support staff, as an after-school or twilight event. The more detailed sessions are delivered as half-day sessions.

“Espresso and Channel 4 Learning Clipbank training programmes require in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, the school environment, learner styles and teacher needs combined with a deep rooted understanding of ICT applications - the ICT Connections team brings all this and more! Their service is highly professional, flexible and the team strives to push boundaries as demonstrated in the numerous bespoke workshops they have developed for various audiences from nursery pupils to LSAs, teachers and parents. The feedback is always positive and we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to work with them so closely – many thanks ICT Connections!”

Christine Major, Professional Development Manager, Espresso Education

AVM Education (formerly Matrix Display Systems)

AVM is the UK’s leading provider of visual communications.

AVM was established in 1990 and is the leading visual communications systems integrator in the UK. The company provides a complete range of video conferencing and audio visual services to the private and public sectors. AVM’s services include supporting complex IP-based video networks, managing and maintaining telepresence suites, providing audioconferencing, digital signage and equipping training rooms and presentation areas with state of the art technology.

Since 2004 ICT connections has been delivering Interactive whiteboard sessions for Matrix (now AVM). They appreciate ICT Connections competitive pricing, enabling AVM to offer training to their clients as part of a package at a reasonable cost.

“We are delighted to continue to use ICT Connections services as part of our new branding. The high quality training has been a mixture of education, corporate and MOD clients, all across the UK. The company enjoy the bespoke nature of ICT Connections services as no two customers or sites are the same, and the AVM sales managers and customers can talk directly with the trainer that will be delivering the session.”

Kelly Gilbert, Education Director, England and Wales, AVM Education

Saville Audio Visual

From projectors and plasma screens to furniture, audio systems and interactive technology,to training and after sales support,  Saville AV aims to meet all the audio visual requirements of all their customers. For business, education, public sector organisations and government bodies, their promise is independent, honest advice, an uncompromising level of nationwide support and unsurpassed value for money.

ICT connections fits well with this ethos as we are able to offer practical cost effective training that takes into account what the client needs to be able to do. We have good relationships with Sales Managers who are able to talk to us about the client beforehand.

Excel Audio Visual

Excel is a new company that came to us through recommendations of colleagues at Matrix (AVM). As a company they “do not use off the shelf systems or packages. We will survey every opportunity, and provide a specification for each individual requirement”

With Excel we have developed a flexible training offer that suits their company ethos, and have delivered several very successful sessions for them on MOD projects that integrated different technologies.

South Camden City Learning Centre

ICT Connections has been working with South Camden City Learning Centre since 2003 when we were asked to run an Interactive whiteboard champions project with Camden Secondary Schools. We trained up and helped to accredit  3 “champions “ from each school  to deliver INSET to the rest of their staff and be an expert on site for each school. This later developed into an e-champions project,  supporting  teachers to champion the use of new technologies in the classroom. During this time we ran endless IWB (Smart and promethean) sessions across London in several other CLCs.

Mary Rebelo now works for them 2 or 3 days a week – and they keep her very busy!  One or 2 of the days she teaches classes of  pupils, modelling and demonstrating to their teachers how technology can be used across the curriculum. As an Accredited CEOP e-safety ambassador , she has run several “Thinkuknow” training sessions at the CLC, and has developed a teaching day delivered to pupils there. She also runs teacher, support staff, governor and parent meetings on e-safety for Camden.

She is part of Camden’s safeguarding children e-safety subcommittee and has helped to develop their template e-safety and acceptable use policies for schools to work with.

Currently she is working on:

  • projects using ICT with SEND pupils, Camden CLC were part of BECTAs  pilot project on using ICT for parental engagement , and this has now become part of  Camden ‘s AFA  strategy , currently running trials on using software and hardware including ipods and ipads for individual pupils with SEND.
  • using and managing class sets of ipods and researching apps to support the curriculum.
  • an early Years ICT project:  trialling technologies in EYFS settings and training EYFS colleagues which will cumulate in an early years ICT conference in Spring 2012.

“Mary is one of the best. Excellent with both adults and children, thoroughly professional. Can't recommend highly enough”

Gillian Ingram, Manager, South Camden City Learning Centre


“Fantastict have a team of expert trainers working all over the country, all of whom are teachers themselves. They have a great knowledge of the curriculum for all age phases as well as software expertise and can tailor training sessions accordingly. Their trainers also take part in regular training sessions themselves to keep their own knowledge and skills up to date and keep up to speed with the latest educational developments”.

Mary Rebelo is delighted to be a part of their Southern training team and offers Interactive Whiteboard Kar2ouche and 2Simple training on their behalf. The support they give their trainers is invaluable and the chance to engage in training herself is key to her own professional development.

Dragonfly Training

Dragonfly training is one of the market leaders in offering training courses for teachers and has established an excellent reputation nationally for providing inspiring, realistic and practical training.

“Dragonfly Training employs only the best trainers. All their trainers are highly skilled and experienced in their particular field and they still teach in the classroom on either a full or part time basis. They are therefore practitioners rather than theorists whose knowledge of education is first hand and hence their ideas, lessons and techniques are entirely relevant and can be adopted by any teacher”.

“Mary has delivered highly acclaimed Interactive Whiteboard courses for Dragonfly on making the best of your Interactive whiteboard for Secondary Science, PHSE, Citizenship, SEN and all subjects mainstream schools and advanced Smartboard training".

"She is incredibly positive and delivers in school Interactive whiteboard and ICT courses for us, and we are delighted with the feedback she receives from our customers. Mary is a superb trainer and I unreservedly recommend her to you for IT training. I am more than happy to answer any questions on a personal basis.”

Stephen Chapman , Managing Director, Dragonfly Training

Titan Teacher Training

Titan teacher Training is based in Birmingham and since 2007 we have delivered an annual IWB training session  for their GTP and NQT teachers. It’s a compliment that they ask us back every year. It’s a challenging session – between 30 and 45 students, all with laptops and all with different IWB software but they say the students are always very impressed with the resources and ideas presented to them in the very short time available and that they enjoy the chance to actually have a play and try out some of their ideas. They like us so much that they even ask us when we are free before planning their programme for the year! Our trainers are familiar with all leading brands of IWB software so are able to support and advise all the students, as well as show them some classroom management skills.

The students are encouraged to email us afterwards with any questions, but we are happy to report that the questions are few - most of them email us with comments like:

“thanks for the excellent session it really got my creative juices flowing!”

“excellent session –answered all my questions I had”

“As an NQT ICT teacher , I thought I knew it all. This proved to me I really didn’t – and I hope I can handle my pupils as expertly as Mary did with 45 of us, all with laptops, asking questions! All of us commented on how much we had learned and gained from the session, it was one of the most useful so far as it was about practical ways of using technology in the classroom and not theory, so thank you. I shall certainly be recommending you to my school as I know NO-ONE is using the board other than to display PowerPoints!”

Snazzy Specs

"Chrissie Saunders has been instrumental in helping put together Snazzy Specs’ new social media networking strategy. I personally have attended mega-expensive so-called training courses and gained virtually nothing in comparison to what I have learnt from Chrissie. There is no doubt in my mind that Chrissie is a leader in this field and is able to impart her knowledge in an engaging and patient manner which makes the learning experience all the more enjoyable".

Marie Coggins, Co-owner, Snazzy Specs

Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council have used our services on a number of occasions for special projects, including NOF training (2001- 2003) Hertfordshire Grid for Learning resource creation and delivery of training on its use, Sure Start and Young in Herts Early Years ICT Training, and for 7 years we ran the ICT part of the highly successful Supply and Returners to teaching club, run by Ian Gibson and his team.  3 times a term we ran sessions on ICT basic skills and on software and technology that was being used in classrooms.  It was a valuable service until funding cuts forced its closure and we often meet delegates in schools who have returned to teaching and still have our handouts and tips in constant use!

When Hertfordshire County Council decided to offer ECDL training to all of its employees, Kanize Cozins and her team at Hertfordshire needed to support to train the thousands of delegates that would be gaining the qualification. Our team ran ECDL module workshops and testing sessions all over Hertfordshire  for the four years of the project to their Adult Care Services and Children Schools and Family departments.

"ICT Connections worked for Hertfordshire County Council Learning over a period of 7 years on the ECDL project. They were valuable members of the team and consistently achieved good results and delivered the training in a professional and friendly way. They were also dependable."

Herts HR Learning & Organisational Development, Hertfordshire County Council

SAM Learning in Hertfordshire Primary Schools

SAM Learning Primary an online subscription service that provides personalised learning for KS1, KS2 pupils. Cross-curricular and covering a wide range of subject areas within the national curriculum, through online revision and test practice.

From 2004 - 2009 ICT Connections was instrumental in co-ordinating and delivering training sessions to all Hertfordshire primary schools in the use of SAM Learning. This on-line subscription service had been purchased by the LEA for its Primary Schools.  Liaising closely with the LEA and SAM Learning we worked with the individual schools to introduce the service to class teachers and pupils.

During the training session the staff were introduced to the varies areas, how they could implement its use and what benefits could be gained from its use. In some instances sessions were delivered to the whole class enabling staff to see how the resources could be used both within school and at home. Sessions were also held for parents where they had the opportunity to experience “hands on“ and to see how they could support their children with revision tasks at home.

"ICT-Connections provided a professional, reliable and valued service to the schools. I knew that their advice and input to schools could not be faulted – they made my job much easier!. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other schools and companies looking for expertise in the field of ICT".

Sue Bzikot, SAM Learning’s Lead Consultant

British and International Schools

We are proud to have been invited to train in several European Schools – including The British School of Brussels, Beau Soleil and Brilliantmont Schools in Switzerland and for the Education depts of the Turkish Republic North Cyprus and the Island of Malta.

Purple Mash Trainers

ICT Connections  are pleased to be working with 2Simple as one of their approved Purple Mash Trainers.

Purple Mash from 2Simple software is a selection of online creativity tools which younger pupils can use independently at school or at home. All resources can be saved to a pupil’s own online area or saved offline for use in other programs. Each school manages their own pupil logins, and teachers can access the work of their pupils in their online areas.

As part of your subscription you will receive a voucher for training that you can spend with one of their approved providers, like us! Contact us for details.

We are also able offer training and workshops on all other 2simple titles.

2Simple Software

For over 10 years, the 2Simple team have been dedicated to developing simple yet powerful, creative software for young learners. Currently used in 80% of UK Primary Schools, 2Simple Software has become a household name in education. 2Simple have a range of over 35 programs including the new creative online space www.purplemash.com and 2Start English for EAL students.

ICT Connections trainers have recently become approved trainers for 2simple. Having used their products for years with schools we are delighted that we have been selected as accredited trainers that schools can call on to help their staff make the most of their products.

Widgit Symbols

With over 25 years  experience in the communication and learning industry, Widgit are experts in inclusion and accessibility.

World renowned Widgit Symbols are the foundation of the company. Designed in collaboration with language and communication experts, Widgit Symbols follow a schematic structure which help people exchange information and ideas. With over 40,000 words and phrases simply represented by more than 11,000 symbols, individuals with communication challenges, learning difficulties, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) of all ages are gaining access to written information and communicating more independently.

ICT Connections is an approved Widgit Training Centre Partner for London. Mary Rebelo has run training sessions on Widgit products in schools and at Camden City Learning Centre.

Purpleberry Training

Purpleberry Training is a cooperative of associate trainers from all over the UK. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in delivering quality training to the education, corporate and public sectors in the UK and overseas.

SMART boards and Promethean Activboards are our speciality.

We can provide bespoke training in many different aspects of technology for your establishment. Please contact us for more information.

Kudlian Training Academy

Kudlian is one of the UK's longest-established, award-winning and independent publishers of quality educational software for both Primary and Secondary education.

Kudlian Software Ltd. remain one of the most highly respected education software houses in the UK and a committed and dedicated group of employees strive to ensure that this does not change.

The Kudlian Academy offers access to a network of professionals across the UK and Ireland who can offer training to help your school or institution embed creativity into your curriculum through the use of animation and media software. We are delighted to have been selected to be part of that network of professionals.